We, MARU-T OHTSUKA, will play
An essential role
in your paint works


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We are committed to being the most sustainable paint application company in the world.
We have been at the cutting edge of painting technology for more than one century.

Customer-Centric Solutions
We focus on building a long-term relationship with our partners through prioritizing mutual respect and we excel in delivering results.
Extensive Product Line
With the most comprehensive coating program, we are confident we can satisfy any market requirements.
Strong Supply Chain
With manufacturing facilities spanning the globe, we are committed to getting you what you need when you need it.


Since 1918, we had been manufacturing high-quality paint rollers and paint brushes
to satisfy the demand of professional painters.

Paint Roller
Paint Roller
Maru-T rollers, Recognized by the professional painter.
Over 60 years of experience in developing and producing high performance rollers that are both exceptionally reliable and come in a wide range of sizes to meet your painting needs.
Paint Brush
Paint Brush
Maru-T brushes are produced through premium selected materials
We respond to the ever-changing needs of painting through traditional techniques and vast experience. We provide high-quality brushes suitable for the professional painter and brushes that are available for all users.
Painting tools for craftsmen made by craftsmen
A professional painting tool tailored to various uses and situations, while providing convenience and economic value. We are constantly conducting research and development to further improve the efficiency of our painting tools.


Our brand
Maru-T Ohtsuka Group supplies user- friendly brands for all purposes of painting works.
Oversea Network
A principal goal for the future is to further expand our overseas network globally